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  • Supporting women in the seaweed and fishing industry is not only a matter of gender equality but also an economic opportunity to strengthen the industry as a whole by tapping into a diverse talent pool and fostering innovation and growth. CTA is currently collaborating with Tumaini Jipya la Wanawake Kilwa (TUJIWAKI) to build the capacity of fishermen and seaweed women workers capacity on Gender Responsive working environment for both men and women working on the fishing and seaweed industry in Kilwa Masoko and Kivinje in Lindi Region in Southern Tanzania.

  • CTA is conducting series of ONLINE capacity building to partner organizations to enable them to apply technology through CTA learning Hub platform for teachers’ capacity building. Leveraging technology in teacher training has the potential to significantly enhance the effectiveness, accessibility, and efficiency of teacher trainer programs.

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CTA contributes to answers to the question of how technology can help teachers improve their teaching..

Higher-Education Foundation Program (HEFP)

Higher Education Foundation Program (HEFP) is a program determined to help youth, with regards to their dreams, be aware of what to study and...

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According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report released in March 2023...

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We believe in partnership and collaboration for more innovative solutions and greater learning for improved Organization Sustainability...

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“Dads, Granddads let's extend our love beyond our well-catered daughters! Donate now and join forces to support girls facing physical disabilities and educational barriers in less privileged families. Together, we'll provide wheelchairs, empowering them to step boldly into a world where dreams have no boundaries. “

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